EkoNomix B.V. offers consulting and coaching services to each of an organization’s layers, specifically targeting the different needs of each of its functions.

Agile Transition Management

Consulting services and coaching, aimed at Senior Management level. Portfolio of services includes the delivery of Agile awareness classes tailored to this audience, organizational review to assess its agility status, construction of a plan for adapting an organization’s operating model, consultancy, supervision and advice on implementing the organization’s transformation, mediation services toward the building of organizational consensus on Agile strategy, leadership services with regards to the management of an organization’s transition.

Agile Coaching

Coaching of Scrum teams on best practices, helping them learn how to address difficulties they may encounter during their Scrum process implementation. Support of the teams through the provision of leadership and advice in adapting their stakeholders’ environment. Identification of areas of improvement on an individual and team level in relation to Agile practices, mentoring and guidance through the transformation phase, provision of awareness classes and internal training on the Scrum roles.

Agile Project and Programme Management

Management of complex and / or significant initiatives within an organization in line with Agile principles, focusing on stakeholder collaboration toward common agreement on scope, the management of external dependencies, and the mitigation of risks. Translation of complexity into simple concepts, design of cost-effective project delivery approach, definition and maintenance of project roadmap, generation and upkeep of meaningful status reporting.

Expert Panels

Organization of small-sized meetings for senior-level participants, providing an informal platform on which peers can exchange best practices, discuss trends and explore solutions to specific pain-points that their organizations might be troubled with during their transition to Agile practices.